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Plaghia Charter Srl

 Birthdays and Degree party on a sailboat


Do you want to celebrate a special birthday to remember for life?
Would you like surprise your friends and invite them to an exceptional location?
Are you looking for the best way to celebrate your degree?
Would you like to conclude your party with wows and guaranteed fun?

Birthday on a sailing boat in the Amalfi Coast

Your birthday party on a sailing boat, your degree on board our vessels to enjoy an exceptional location! Our caiques perfectly respond to everything you were looking for.

Plaghia Charter will take care of your event from beginning to end. You can choose your favourite menu, the most renowned wines from our wine list, rivers of champagne and the places where you wish to sail along with your guests in the exceptional setting of our Gulf of Naples.

Towards Capri, Ischia, Amalfi and other beautiful places while you celebrate your day as a protagonist together with your special guests.

Plaghia Charter Srl
Plaghia Charter Srl
Plaghia Charter Srl

Would you like to organise a birthday or degree party on a sailing boat?

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