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Plaghia Charter Srl

Wedding and Honeymoon on a sailboat

·         An exceptional location for the wedding of your dreams?
·         The exchange of vows framed by rare beauty?
·         The sea as a witness to your unforgettable and romantic              Honeymoon!
·         A  trip for couples to celebrate a special anniversary

Wedding and Honeymoon on a sailing boat

Would you like to exchange wedding vows on a sailboat immersed in an exceptional and exclusive location like the bridge of a Turkish gulet with an elegant and retro feel?

Have you ever thought about having your wedding reception sailing among the most enchanting islands of the Mediterranean?

If your honeymoon has to be an unforgettable event, the regular continuation of the fairy tale that you have already experienced on your wedding day, do not organise it in a simple and mundane way, but think of something amazing that will remain imprinted in your memory, an alternative honeymoon with a cruise on a caique .

If you want to enjoy an exclusive and classy atmosphere, an entire crew at your service and  perfect organisation, from the celebration of the rite to the photo shoot, from the floral decorations to the wedding reception for guests, you cannot do anything but rely on Plaghia Charter

Plaghia Charter Srl
Plaghia Charter Srl
Plaghia Charter Srl

Would you like organise your wedding or your honeymoon on a gulet?

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