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Plaghia Charter Srl

Archaeology , Art , Sports , Nature and Adventure


    Love archeology and would you like to visit the ancient civilization     sites ?
    Your wish is to discover the artistic treasures of the Mediterranean countries ?
   Do you love marine sports , scuba diving , diving , kayaking and swimming ?
    Would you like to live a holiday in touch with the wilderness ?
    Are you thinking of living the adventure you've always dreamed of?

Archaeology , Art , Sports , Nature and Adventure

In the Amalfi Coast, a real archaeologist will take you to discover ancient sites of past eras. 

Together with Peter Sommers, the famous English archaeological guide, organise special cruises and guided tours of the sites known all over the world for their perfect preservation: Pompeii, and Villa Oplontis, the submerged archaeological Park of Baia, and even Capri and Ischia.

All this along with Italian food, hedonistic relaxation, and so much relaxing swimming in crystal clear waters.

In the seas of the Mediterranean you will visit places of unexpected beauty, rich in artistic treasures of past eras, churches and monuments and remains of many past civilizations.

If you love sport and nature, you can immerse yourself in uncontaminated waters, lovely isolated coves where you can practice all kinds of water sports. The caiques of Plaghia Charter are equipped for all your needs. 

So choose a boat sailing cruise with Plaghia Charter and get ready to experience an exciting and unique adventure that will remain un-faded in your mind.

Plaghia Charter Srl
Plaghia Charter Srl
Plaghia Charter Srl

With Plaghia Charter all your wishes come true

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