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Plaghia Charter Srl


Do you want to experience the thrill of sailing the seas in a Turkish gulet?

You have no company but you love the sea and the wild holidays?
Do you want to find new friends and get to know people who love sailing like you?
The taste of adventure is what you had always dreamed of but did not dare to leave alone?

Cabin charter formula

The holiday in gulet suitable for those leaving alone

Do you want to take a gulet holiday but none of your friends share this passion?
Do not worry, we have also thought of you and with the Cabin Charter formula of Plaghia Charter you can rent your cabin on board by joining an already formed group.
A gulet cruise is a very exclusive holiday and made for those who have the taste of special things
You can make many new friends, meet people with your same passion, make a different and economic vacation to discover enchanting bays, deserted and pristine beaches, wonderful sunsets and sea !!! "

Plaghia Charter Srl
Plaghia Charter Srl
Plaghia Charter Srl

Want to take a cruise with the Cabin Charter formula

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