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The Amalfi Coast: Unforgettable views, many kilometres of coastline to explore, beaches and secluded coves, natural caves, history and tasting experiences.

A gulet cruise on the Amalfi Coast: The dream comes true!

A cruise on a sail boat in the Amalfi Coast is definitely the best way to visit the coast ,which has many beaches, often accessible only by sea, small bays and coves.

The Amalfi Coast, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997, continues to enchant its visitors since Roman times, thanks to its fairy-tale landscapes.

Its high rock walls, have always put a strain on the perseverance of the inhabitants forced to steal space to create the characteristic villages or the terraced gardens where lemons thrive, a typical product of the place, that has always been a symbol of the coast.

For nature lovers, the Amalfi Coast offers wonderful panoramas: small towns which seem like nativity scenes and whose streets are often only narrow paths carved into the rock.

Everywhere, for history and archaeology lovers, sites, ancient villas and churches testify  the greatness of these places since ancient times!

Amalfi, an ancient Maritime Republic, from which the coast is named, will amaze you with its architecture; Positano, a destination for VIPs from all around the world, famous for its structure, which runs vertically to the sea, in a maze of narrow streets and staircases, lined with the shops of artisans, who have made summer fashion in linen clothes and handmade sandals famous, but also for its wonderful beaches; Ravello with its famous villas, Rufolo and Cimbrone, event venues throughout the year and with a glimpse of the Gulf that is even called Infinity for its depth; and again Furore with the famous Fjord  , Minori, Vietri sul Mare and Conca dei Marini, with the suggestive Emerald Grotto.

With a caique cruise on the Amalfi Coast you will have kilometres of coastline to explore, beaches and secluded coves, natural caves, history and glimpses of rare beauty that you will literally make you fall in love with the "Divine" Coast.

The gulet cruise on the Amalfi Coast is the vacation of your dreams?

Plaghia Charter can make your dream come true! Nature, archaeology, art and culture will be at your disposal with a wonderful sail boat cruise.

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