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The Aeolian Islands: the daughters of the wind, the seven pearls of the Mediterranean, land of gods and of the Cyclops and deep blue waters.

A holiday on a sail boat to the Aeolian Islands: the dream!

A wonderful holiday on a sailing boat to the Aeolian Islands: the magical setting of seven volcanic islands anchored at depths that can reach 2000 meters that opens up in front of our eyes!

Numerous beaches, caves, inlets, cliffs and coves to which the incredible beauty and diversity of marine life of the seabed is added.

For enthusiasts it will be inevitable to notice various geological and volcanic aspects that created and transformed the islands in 7000 years and which make the archipelago one of the places in the world to visit at least once in a lifetime.

The islands offer a variety of opportunities: a simple life and lands of fishermen in Alicudi and Filicudi, the latter certainly is the most beautiful regarding landscapes; worldly life and places for VIPs in Panarea; lush vegetation and volcanic lakes from which the salt that gives the island its name in Salina is extracted; cultural richness in Lipari, with its archaeological site; Stromboli and Vulcano with a lively volcanic activity, that occasionally gives exciting shows of tongues of fire.

Your caique cruise to the Aeolian Islands will be all this and more if you choose one of Plaghia Charter cruises.

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