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Sicily and Sardinia: The two largest islands in the Mediterranean, conquered lands, mix of cultures and incredible natural landscapes

A holiday on a sail boat to discover Sicily and Sardinia

Your holiday on a sail boat in Sardinia will take you into the waters of a special land 

full of mountains, a territory largely uninhabited, waterways, and a varied coastline that alternates rocky cliffs and splendid white or pink coloured sandy beaches, the ancient Sardinia, an island, considered almost a micro-continent, there are many ecosystems that can be found here.

Its northern coast has earned the title of Emerald Coast, thanks to its crystal clear water of a characteristic green colour, and its wealth of marine flora and fauna, that make it a paradise for wildlife lovers. Many travellers and writers who honoured both its beauty, remained untouched until contemporary age, and  its history, traces of which may be found in the remains of an ancient Nuragic civilization, with its characteristic cone buildings, declared World Heritage Site by Unesco.

The caique cruise will continue with the exploration of Sicily, the ancient Trinacria,a varied land, that over the years, due to its strategic position in the Mediterranean, has suffered numerous dominations: from Greek to Norman and Bourbon.

There are many testimonies of these great civilizations in terms of archaeological sites and monuments. As for the nature, many fluvial and marine parks, uncontaminated Nature reserves first of all the Zingaro Nature Reserve in the north-western part of the island.

Protected areas, landscape parks of extreme beauty, kilometres of coastline with various morphologies, make Sicily a natural paradise that will literally make you fall in love with this island.

A cruise on a sail boat in Sardinia and Sicily will let you fully enjoy views and glimpses of incomparable beauty, but also the flavour of an elite tourism, places frequented by celebrities, fashionable beaches and elegant and sophisticated coastlines.

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