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The Tuscan Archipelago: land of history and legends, from the Etruscans to the Romans, to the myth of the Argonauts and the crossroads of the seas

Your holiday on a sail boat to the discovery of the Elba and of the Tuscan Archipelago

A holiday on a caique in the Tuscan Archipelago will amaze you from the first to the last day.

This group of seven major islands, of which the island of Elba is the largest, is an amazing beauty and is at the centre of four seas: the Liguria Sea to the north of the island, the channel of Piombino to the East, the Tyrrhenian Sea to the south and the Corsica channel on the West of the coast of Elba.

Every year there are 18 winning beaches of the Blue Flag of Italy, the certification of water quality label, belong to the Tuscan coast and, among them, also the beaches of the archipelago: The Phoenicia is the most popular of all, but Marina di Campo, Procchio, Capoliveri, Enfola, Cavoli and Fetovaia are also beautiful to explore.

Besides the 147 km of coast of the island of Elba articulated in narrow bays, large gulfs and wonderful inlets, we will also explore the smaller islands of the archipelago, from Giannutri to the island of Giglio, from the island of Capraia to that of Montecristo and also Pianosa and Gorgona.

Uncontaminated islands, beautiful to explore both above and under water, and not by chance, one of the favourite destinations of Italian and foreign scuba divers for the richness of the seabed.
If your dream is to visit the Island of Elba and the other islands of the archipelago, choose a cruise on a sailing boat in the Tuscan Archipelago with Plaghia Charter, which has always been synonym of quality, precision and elegance.

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