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Tunisia: An ancient land of history and culture, crystal clear water, unexplored destinations and warm climate all year round.

Tunisia, for an unforgettable holiday on a sailing boat!

Think of a gulet cruise in Tunisia for the next summer’s holiday destination, it really is a great idea!

 Warm and sunny weather all year round, particularly mild thanks to the 1300 km of Mediterranean coastline that constitutes the country, makes the majority of tourists wish for a holiday in the sea of ancient Carthage, situated at the entrance of the Sahara.

Carthage, commercial city founded in 814 BC by the Phoenicians, of which you can still visit the ruins, is certainly a very important archaeological site, but it is not the only place to visit. Tunis boasts places of extreme beauty, historic sites have remained unchanged for over five hundred years, and unspoiled nature!

A real city within a city, the Medina, considered World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is a maze of tangled streets, of crowded and festive souks and archways lined with typical blue studded doors, of carved stone looms, entrance of wonderful palaces, like the Palace of Bardo, seat of the archaeological museum.

In the Gulf of Mahdia you can dive into the turquoise waters of the most beautiful beaches in the country which are also the least frequented by tourists, bays and beaches protected by the trees that will allow you to enjoy the Tunisian sea in total relaxation and perfect privacy during your caique cruise in Tunisia.

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