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         A holiday on a sail boat in Amalfi coast: the trip becomes part of the dream!

A wonderful sailing boat cruise on the Amalfi Coast

A holiday on a sail boat is a dream! If that boat is a Turkish gulet or schooner with precious finishes in mahogany wood and equipped with all amenities, your holiday becomes the true moment of relaxation that you had always dreamed of.

Sailing in Amalfi Coast and in the Mediterranean, having only the cool breeze, the infinity of the sea, the company of seagulls and the sound of the waves breaking gently on the hull as companions!

Relax on board a Turkish caique, sipping an aperitif at sunset, reading a book at the bow, eating fresh food cooked directly on board our boats and sunbathing in the most beautiful bays of the Mediterranean. Having fun kayaking and diving in the crystal clear waters, while our schooners are anchored off the Faraglioni, guardians of the Island of Capri, or one of the little islands steeped in history of Ionian Greece, or even in the shade of Positano, the pearl of the Amalfi Coast .

All this entrusted to the care of Plaghia Charter, a company  based in Praiano, the hearth of Amalfi Coast, with over thirty years of experience in the tourism and leisure boating sector.

Our purpose is to make your cruise on a sailing boat unforgettable, let you see fabulous places and pamper you at any time of the day!

The holiday on a sail boat

A gulet cruise can not only be described in words!
It 's really hard to explain the feeling of waking up every morning with the sea rolling gently, of being rocked to sleep by the lapping waves, admiring the shining moon in the sea, of being pampered by the entire crew, completely at its guests disposal, of enjoying all the water sports, of swimming in cool and uncontaminated waters and of visiting wonderful places, rich in history, without the endless travel stress, bags to carry and exhausting waits in airports and stations.

A taste of all this? Continue browsing our site and dive into the magical world of Plaghia Charter, schooners and caiques for your holiday on a sailing boat!

Our Fleet

The gulets of the fleet of Plaghia Charter are among the most beautiful and best equipped of their category. The tradition of the design and the materials fit perfectly with the modernity of the equipment and all these details that make our caiques beautiful to see and experience, but, above all, safe in navigation.

The richness of the furnishings, the harmony of decors, the peculiarity of the accessories, the comfort of each element and the refined attention that we put in the choice of every single item of use, characterise our boats in a unique way and will make your stay on board unforgettable!

Maria Giovanna

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Deriya Deniz

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Silver Star II

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Our sailing boat cruises on the Amalfi coast and beyond...

The cruises on a sail boat offered by Plaghia Charter are all wonderful and your dream holiday will begin already reading the suggestive descriptions of the possible itineraries:  a sailing boat cruise on the Amalfi Coast and  the wonderful islands of the Neapolitan archipelago, Capri, Ischia and Procida, as well as Sicily and Sardinia, or more exotic destinations that you have always dreamed of visiting.