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The Pontine Islands: the wildest of the Tyrrhenian Sea, a paradise for VIPs and lovers of solitary beauty.

A cruise on a sail boat to the Pontine Islands: the perfect holiday!

A cruise on a caique to the Pontine Islands to discover this archipelago of volcanic origins in the Tyrrhenian that will amaze you with its wild landscapes.

All the islands are like paradise for divers, due to the numerous underwater caves, but also a paradise for sunbathers for its beautiful beaches, including one of the most famous that is the small beach of  “Chiaia di Luna”, surrounded by a high cliff overlooking the sea.
One of the most beautiful spots to dive in is at the Formiche rocks, that emerge from the water, where, at a depth of over 30 meters, the gorgonian is the host and shares the territory only with moray eels and groupers. Almost deserted in winter, the Pontine Islands are a group of six islands off the coast of Lazio, in the Gulf of Gaeta. Ponza is the biggest of the archipelago, but there are also the islands of Ventotene, Palmarola, Zannone, Gavi and Santo Stefano. Due to its great importance from a naturalistic point of view, Zannone is part of the Natural Park of Circeo, while Gavi and Santo Stefano, the smallest of the six, have become private islands since they have been purchased.

The island of Ponza is sparsely inhabited in winter, while in summer, by magic it is populated with tourists, especially VIPs and international jet set, because it is considered one of the trendiest locations of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Not infrequently you can find small locations where you can eat or even go dancing directly on the beach, like on the Frontone beach, a beautiful pebble beach with clear water that sparkles in the sunlight.

Our cruise on a sailing boat in the Pontine Islands will let you discover everything beautiful that these islands have to offer and, above all, it will let you enjoy the sun and sea during the day and an amusing atmosphere at nightfall!

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