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Plaghia Charter Srl

 Private party on a sailing boat and corporate event


Looking for an exceptional location for your party?
Are you thinking of a business incentive dream?
An exceptional experience that strengthens the team spirit?
Business trip ?
A wonderful photo shoot on the Amalfi Coast for your shots?

Private party on a sailing boat or corporate event?

Your own private party on board our sail boats or a business event will not only taste of luxury, but will also have a dreamlike atmosphere that will leave your guests speechless.
We will think about the entire organisation. You only have to tell us about your dream and all the crew will be at your complete disposal for the whole day.
And if your aim is to make your  team have a fun experience, to create team spirit, to celebrate the achievement of a target and to get ready for new challenges in the best way, what could be better than a sailing boat party?

A photo shoot in the Amalfi Coast for your dream shots on a sail boat? Atmospheres of yesteryear, with the background of the sea and exceptional sunsets!

Would you like to organise a business event or a private party on a sailing boat?

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