The services available on board Plaghia Charter boats

Plaghia Charter Srl


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Eating well is one of the greatest pleasures

of life! On board a beautiful sailboat,

with a slight roll of the sea and the moon to illuminate

your special evening ...

Plaghia Charter Srl

Private party and business event

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An exceptional location for your private party!

Your party or your business event aboard our

sailing boats will be a luxury event...

Plaghia Charter Srl

Wedding and Honeymoon

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Your wedding vows in a location

unique and exclusive as the bridge

of a sailboat , a turkish gulet ...

Plaghia Charter Srl

Birthday and Degree

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Your birthday , your graduation party ,

your private party on board our sailing boats :

the exceptional location you are looking for and

the perfect organization...

Plaghia Charter Srl

Boat & Breakfast

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Travelling is really the spice of life :

new places, beautiful people, exotic food

and total relaxation in a luxurious and special

hotel as a turkisk gulet...

Plaghia Charter Srl

Archaeology , Sports , Nature , Adventure

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Adventures and archaeological sites of ancient civilizations ,

art and history , marine exploration , sports and wilderness!

Live your passion on board a turkish gulet ...