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 Eating well is one of the greatest pleasures of life!

On board a luxurious mahogany sailing boat
Moored in one of the best Gulfs in Italy
With the fabulous specialties prepared by top chefs of Campania
Enjoying the sea, nature and breeze


it truly becomes one of the best luxuries to be consented at least once in lifetime



Restaurant in Positano on the Amalfi Coast on a sailing boat 

A very special restaurant of Plaghia Charter, a restaurant on a sailing boat  moored in one of the most beautiful ports in the world, Positano, the pearl of the Amalfi Coast.

Not only delicious food and vintage wines, but also exceptional views, sea breeze, seagulls circling in a golden sunset and the inebriating scents of orange blossoms, broom and bougainvillea in the air, mixed to the scent of the sea,.

An inebriating mix in which all the senses, not just taste, will remain enchanted!


Rich and varied menu

A choice of dishes from the large Campanian tradition or reinterpreted by top chefs, or occasionally on request, starred chefs, that will allow you to taste the best of local food, always fresh and prepared especially for you.

The catch of the Gulf, the handmade pasta, seasonal vegetables and desserts of the great Neapolitan pastries, always fresh and prepared directly on board!

Great wine list

A wide assortment of white and red Italian wines and international and even sparkling wines, champagnes and raisin wines from the best wineries.

Our wine list is updated every six months to be in line with all the news of the market and to satisfy the most demanding palates

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