Boat & Breakfast


Boat & Breakfast
Comfort and Romance

Is your dream to spend a holiday on a beautiful wooden caique but you would not want deal with the threat of the sea?

Relaxation is often the purpose of the journey, a way to escape the daily routine and dive into a new reality that approaches the dimension of dream.

In this context, the Bed & Breakfast formula just gives us the opportunity to have all this: - Few guests, personalized spaces, no queues at reception, no waiting for free tables at breakfast time, familiarity in welcoming and possibility to interact with the other guests in less dispersive spaces.

With our Boat & Breakfast formula in the Amalfi Coast we give the possibility to enjoy a fully equipped cabin with private bathroom, on board a luxury caique, all in mahogany wood, moored in the port . 
The evening will begin with a romantic dinner by candlelight, with the Gulf of Naples and the Vesuvius in the background , and then you can use the common areas and the lounge to relax listening to music, reading a good book, sipping one of the wines of our rich wine cellar, or simply enjoying the moon and the stars.
In the morning, a rich breakfast will be waiting for you, served on the deckhouse, to be eaten without rushing, but already enjoying the warm morning sun and then you can calmly organise your daily excursions.

We guarantee an unforgettable experience! And the Boat & Breakfast formula will be the best that you will have had in a travel experience!